What Will You Remember About Your Wedding Day ?

Your wedding day should be about you! Your friends and family surrounding you on your special day. Sharing your first dance in front of your closest friends.  Your favorite music that brings forth memories. Cutting your cake, those special moments. An evening that just flows perfectly.

I have over 20 years experience doing weddings. I will work with you to plan the wedding you want and then make it happen, with style, grace, and a touch of fun. 

I bring a huge selection of your most loved songs to your wedding reception. The right music will transform your wedding day into an exciting party that your friends and family will be talking about for years. It's your day, so go ahead and play songs that you love. Tell me which songs bring back memories. Tell me about the songs that you love and make you want to move. I guarantee I'll play them. Your guests will be out there with you. Bring some comfortable shoes to change into.

No Problems:

  • I will arrive early and play for the full amount of time no breaks.
  • I dress in a tuxedo - everybody dresses up for a wedding don't they?
  • All Introductions and Announcements will be done in a professional manner
  • I will coordinate everything with the Photographer, Videographer and Hall staff so that everything goes smoothly
  • My service and price are guaranteed in writing with a contract - no surprises